Berconia Foods are part of the Rockman Group known worldwide for their range of innovative products from plastic to foods.  The Berconia brand was established in 2005 and is well known for their gluten free brown and white rice pasta and spaghetti range, available in all good supermarket and health food stores across Australia.

Ever since the creation of Berconia pasta and spaghettis, we have been supporting The Coeliac Society. We feel very proud to have created such a great product which assists people requiring a gluten free diet.

To support The Coeliac Society, we have been taking part in the Gluten Free Expo for many years to promote our fantastic Berconia brand and other healthy alternatives.

As time go by we have started to sources other fine food and drink products throughout Asia. Koya Aloe vera is one of them.

There are many different brands of aloe vera drinks around the world but why Koya Aloe? Koya Aloe selects the best quality aloe vera for their products, therefore when you drink Koya Aloe you can see real aloe pieces in the drink. The great thing about this product is, it also comes in sugar free format for people with diabetics or looking after their health.

We also look after customers who are more adventurous and able to experiment and explore other unique foods, especially ones who are interested in authentic cuisine. That’s why we have Prima Taste, the best of Singapore’s favourites in ready to cook pastes. With easy cooking instruction, next to no time you will be sitting at home with your family or friends enjoying this great authentic dish just like in the restaurant in Singapore.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years. With your continue support we hope we can bring you more fantastic products for many years to come.

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